The chance to relax at a spa is appealing enough, but doing that amid the stunning scenery of Lake Como is the stuff of dreams. It makes a worthy addition to any bucket list. What better place to take care of your health than in Italy, where the high number of elderly people is often ascribed to the healthy Mediterranean diet and lifestyle?

Lake Como, the summer home of George Clooney, has several beautiful towns and villages dotted around its perimeter. At its southern tip is the charming city of Como, which you’ll love exploring.

Lakeside Spas

Finding a spa at Lake Como is not hard. Let’s look at a few of them.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

This amazing place has the “T Spa” for guests, offering a tempting range of professional treatments. Tremezzo is reachable by a ferry service on the lake.

The Casta Diva Resort and Spa

About three miles northeast of Como in the beautiful village of Blevio. Its treatment rooms and VIP Spa Suites ensure an unforgettable experience.

Como offers easy train access to Milan if you fancy visiting one of Italy’s most cosmopolitan cities.

The Belvedere Spa at Bellagio

An incredible spa which offers a range of treatments and indulgences. These include multi-sensory showers, a Turkish bath, sauna, or a hydro-massage with a lake view.

The Filario Hotel

This is in Lezzeno, on the northeast shore of Lake Como. It offers luxurious modern rooms and a range of massages and spa treatments. There is also the chance to learn yoga

Be Inspired by the Italian Lifestyle

More than a beautiful place to visit, Italy inspires with its culture of healthy living, romance and style. Its people live passionate lives. The Renaissance started in Italy, and you can find your own enlightenment on the lovely shores of Lake Como.

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