Suppose you are sometimes overwhelmed by the constant noise around us and our fast-paced lifestyles. In that case, you may wish to consider spending a week at a silent retreat.

It would certainly be an unusual addition to your bucket list. They are also known as meditation retreats and allow you to focus on mindfulness and your connection with nature. An extended period of silence can feel awkward and unnatural, so some retreats do allow a set period for you to discuss your experience aloud.


What to Expect on a Silent Retreat

Typically, the retreat will be in an attractive natural setting, away from town and cities, allowing you to escape the noise of traffic. You won’t be alone, and there will be a small group of like-minded guests, plus staff to look after you and provide meals. There may be guided nature walks and meditation sessions, plus optional mindful activities such as yoga or painting.

Prior to joining the retreat, you will be sent a list of items that you need to bring and mobile phones are not encouraged!


What You Will Take Home

Having spent a week in near silence, it will undoubtedly be a shock to return to the real world. You can prepare yourself for this by gradually interacting with other people. Perhaps take a few days to get used to the noise of the real world before returning to work.

You will have learned how to focus on the present moment, and this is something you can continue when you return home. Schedule time each day when you can be alone and utterly silent.

Spending a week at a silent retreat may not be on everybody’s bucket list, but it is worth considering, especially if you feel you have lost your connection with nature and our planet.


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