Not all bucket list activities have to get your heart thumping; plenty of gentler pursuits deserve your attention.

So, if you enjoy being on the water, then you may wish to go punting in Cambridge. Gliding down the River Cam at a serene, slow pace, admiring the scenery as you float along is a great way to spend a summer afternoon. There are many companies that can arrange everything for you, and you don’t need any experience.

What Exactly is Punting?

Of course, you know that a punt is a type of boat, but what makes it unique? The boat has a flat bottom and is specifically designed to be used on shallow rivers. The person standing on the back of the boat is the punter and uses a long wooden pole to steer the boat. The punt digs into the riverbed to give forward momentum.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to have a go at handling the punt or would rather sit back and relax!

Choosing a Punting Tour

There are three types of punting tours, and each one has its advantages. First, you can join a shared tour, where you will join other tourists on the punt. This is the cheapest option, but obviously, it won’t be a unique experience.

Next, you can hire a private guide. You will have the boat to yourself and will be able to ask questions of your guide, who may be a Cambridge University student. Finally, you can just hire the punt itself and try to steer the boat, but it is definitely more challenging than you might imagine!

Punting in Cambridge is an easily achieved bucket list activity, and you will even learn some of the histories of this lovely city.


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