Have you ever fancied making a YouTube tutorial video but didn’t know where to start? You might be an expert in a particular pastime or profession looking to pass on your knowledge.

Few things are more rewarding than educating or empowering others. Who knows? Maybe you’ll go on to create a popular video channel.


Getting your YouTube tutorial off the ground

The idea of creating a YouTube tutorial is a fun one, but it’s an easy project to talk yourself out of. Some people are self-conscious of their own image (i.e. camera shy), while others might worry about what gear to use or how to get organized.

In reality, there’s nothing stopping you from starting your YouTube tutorial right now. You can keep the process wonderfully simple if you don’t want any deep dives into professional video shooting.


Planning the Video

Before you shoot your video, it helps to write down the things you’ll say and do in the correct sequence. You don’t need a script, but you do need a plan.


Gather the gear

The only gear you really need for this project is a smartphone and maybe one or two improvised bits. If you have a serious camera with video capability, by all means use that instead.

On smartphones, apps like Mavis or Filmic Pro give videos a professional edge with minimal effort.

Ideally, you need a means of supporting your phone or camera. With phones, you can improvise this by cutting a groove into a disposable cup. Or if you want to invest, a small tripod with a phone mount is best. Modern household LED lamps can work well for lighting.


Overcoming Shyness

Some video tutorials may not need you in front of the camera at all. With software tutorials, you can just record the screen with a highlighted cursor, and with craft tutorials, you might only film your hands. You can talk to family or friends via video calls to overcome camera shyness.

Your audience needs you, so now’s the time to create that first tutorial!



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